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Richard ‘Rick’ Westmoreland

Rick Westmoreland, a native of Gulf Coast Mississippi, is founder and CEO of Rebuilding Management, L.L.C.  Mr. Westmoreland attended Northwestern State University and served 7 years in the U S Army Corp of Engineers.  He has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry and is a NAHB Certified Graduate Builder.  Management experience as President of Liberty Homes, Inc., a recognized and award winning leader in the Kansas City construction community, coupled with 10 years of experience as President of RAW Designs, Inc., a construction management consulting firm, gave him unique insight and motivation to help lead the rebuilding effort in the devastated Gulf Coast region.

As a progressive entrepreneur, Mr. Westmoreland has embraced new technology and applied it to the construction industry by creating and founding an online database driven construction materials and labor project management solution.  In addition to serving on the local and national Board of Directors for the National Association for the Remodeling Industry in the past, Mr. Westmoreland is a licensed FEMA Disaster Inspector.

Rick now has residential construction projects underway in the Kansas City, Missouri area but is actively involved in the development of REMCollect and REMCheck, especially from a weatherization contractor and insulator’s perspective. He knows that for energy software to be useful to the building and remodeling trades it must be written in a manner that makes energy improvement projects understandable by the skilled workers in the field.

Here is Rick’s resume’: Rick Westmoreland

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